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David Morrison

David Morrison

Since the year 2000 when peregrines started to colonise London as part of a natural process, I have assisted and aided in their transition into the urban jungle.

Hopefully this website will assist you and provide guidance into what is needed, if you find that you have, or suspect that peregrine falcons are using your building/structure.

As an urban peregrine consultant since 2001 I have worked with a number of Organizations/Companies including The Houses of Parliament, Battersea Power Station and the Environment Agency.

Due to their Schedule 1 status (see attached link for info) their presence with careful planning can be accommodated smoothly so that all parties benefit.

As a consultant, it is in this capacity that I can offer advice, guidance and information so that the transition to possible breeding can hopefully be achieved with minimal change.

Peregrine 2

Density of Peregrines in London is now at an all-time high, London is defined as the London Natural History Society Boundary, this is a 20 mile radius from St. Pauls Cathedral.

However I can offer advice and consultation on urban birds further afield if required.

Additionally if I could appeal to Planners/Developers, if wishing to place a nest box/tray in regard to any proposed new Buildings/Structures within London to seek advice beforehand. (See Nest Box Services)

National Grid

We are grateful to David Morrison for the information he has provided to National Grid on Peregrine Falcons and their nesting habits over the years.

This information has assisted us in planning our work on a number of occasions.